Addison Newton

Professional Profile

Experienced sales & customer service professional, with competencies in people management and information technology.

Professional Experience

Responsible for the routing, dispatch, and logistics of technicians performing residential service installations, upgrades, and trouble calls. Building of statistical reports and summaries of technician utilization, production, and internalization. Enabled compiling of various reports and data sources, making extensive use of Perl and Excel::Writer::XLSX.

Work to protect the jobs, welfare, and safety of all members. Responsible for timely handling of grievances filed by members against the company. Advocate for my members in disciplinary and investigatory meetings. Act as a liaison between members and management.

Primary responsibility of providing customer-specific solutions to ensure retention of existing wireline residential customers. Handle all aspects of sales, billing, retention and cancellation for multiple lines of business. Cross-sell outside products when appropriate. Designated “Subject Matter Expert” on DirecTV, UVerse, and Wireless products training station.

Handled day-to-day operation of auto parts store with yearly revenue greater than $1 million. Performed potential employee interviews and made hiring decisions, and worked with staff to create weekly schedules. Coached existing employees on sales goals, methods, and best practices. Won outstanding Customer Service awards and received recognition for minimizing store shrink.

Monitored servers for stability, and took appropriate proactive and reactive measures to ensure highest possible reliability. Worked with fellow system administrators and support representatives, providing second- and third-tier system support. Consistently met goals of acquiring, completing, notating, and closing an average of 8 tickets per hour.

Served as director of parts department at major local aftermarket automotive shop, with specific responsibility for purchasing, parts inventory, logistics, and billing. Designed, deployed, and maintained web store, maintained web and mail servers, web store, and online auction accounts.

Oversaw day to day operations of automotive parts warehouse distributor, turbocharger upgrade and repair center, and high performance fabrication facility. Designed and maintained website, mail systems, online store, and local network. Purchased, configured, and deployed office equipment, including computers, security system, and custom-design VoIP phone system. Worked closely with mechanic staff to design and modify custom vehicles, which were prominently featured in Import Tuner, DSport, and Modified magazines.

Maintained routers, servers, switches, and access equipment for large regional ISP. Oversaw design and construction of state-of-the-art colocation center, including HVAC design, power system, and generator backups. Migrated call centers in corporate family from analog phone system to VoIP. Troubleshot escalated technical support issues, making use of real-time monitoring and work order systems. Quoted and negotiated telecom interconnects and peering arrangements. Oversaw backup systems including tape backup systems, tape rotations, as well as off-site disaster recovery backups.